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Haley Hernandez

Todd is the best! He definitely handles business, he got all of my charges dismissed and absolutely changed my life. He’s amazing at his job. You can tell he genuinely wants the best outcome for you and is gonna work hard to get you it! He has the best personality, you’ll immediately love him when you first meet him! If you’re needing an attorney go with Todd Ver Weire. He’s definitely the man you want on your side helping you. His hard work and dedication changed my entire life and i’m forever grateful.

- Haley Hernandez

Jenny Cooper

Mr. Ver Weire and his staff were incredibly easy to work with. He eased all my concerns, and provided top notch service. I would absolutely use his services in the futures. Highly recommend!!

- Jenny Cooper

Spencer Willmon

Mr. Ver Weire is the absolute best!! Rest assured you’re in good hands with this man. Thank you so much for your help!

- Spencer Willmon

Dawson Gibson

Everyone was extremely helpful at this office. Todd is truly great to work with, he takes care of his clients, if you do what your supposed to and listen to him, everything goes smoothly.

- Dawson Gibson